Product Information

Insta Protex sanitizer is a non-toxic, stabilized blend of Hydrogen Peroxide and Crystalline Titanium Dioxide (Titansorb P).

Active ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H202, commonly used as a cleaning and disinfecting agent. Crystalline Titanium Dioxide is a widely available compound that can be mined from minerals in the ground and is commonly found in food as whitening additives and in sunblock products. Titansorb P is a breakthrough absorbent with superior bacteria killing capabilities and can remove Arsenic (III & IV) Antimony, Cadmium, Lead, Uranium and other heavy metals from water.

Inactive ingredients: Potassium Pentasulfate, Sulfamin Acid, and Sodium Chloride.

This sanitizer does NOT contain toxic chemicals such as Aldehydes, Phenols, Alcohols, Iodophors or Formaldehyde.

For best results: Insta Protex (capsule) is activated by hot water and remains highly active in the bottle for 10 days. For best results, use/apply liquid solution within 10 days. Then, add new capsule to empty spray bottle to create fresh bottle of activated solution.