Xooma's 2017 LOSE TO WIN
MetaboWize Challenge

Thursday, December 15, 2016, Xooma launched a 90-Day Lose to Win MetaboWize Challenge. The great news is this Challenge has a 'rolling start date'. That means you can begin ANY TIME on or before Tuesday, January 31st, 2017.

Believe in yourself AND in the power of Xooma's products. Because of the incredible success rate of the MetaboWize Weight Management System, it's described as "Real People with Real Results." Register for Xooma's Lose to Win Challenge, and YOU could become one of those Real People with Real Results!

Here's how the Challenge works
- Get started with one of Xooma's MetaboWize System packs. MetaboWize is designed to help you release unwanted pounds, cleanse your body, increase energy, gain lean muscle mass, and look and feel your absolute best!

- Drink plenty of Xooma's X2O water to help cleanse your system and assist in losing more unwanted pounds. In order to achieve the results you desire with the MetaboWize system, proper hydration is one of the key components to your long-term success. Another key component to an efficient metabolism is getting the proper minerals and electrolytes in your daily diet. And the final key component to an efficient metabolism and long-term fat loss is proper pH balance in the body. Remember, X2O is your 'secret weapon' in your quest for permanent weight loss!

- Stay committed to your goals by joining the LIVE weekly support calls every Monday evening at 9:00pm ET - happening now!. These community support calls will be led by Xooma's Executive Vice President, Ronnie Webb. Thanks to Xooma's amazing products, Ronnie has lost a total of well over 100 pounds and has kept it off for over 5 years!

Join the LIVE Weekly Support calls every Monday night at 9:00pm ET:
Conference dial-in number: 641-715-3660
Participant access code: 544657

Be one of the top 'losers' and you'll receive one of our Cash Prizes awarded when Xooma's 2017 Lose to Win Challenge has concluded (to be announced after May 10, 2017).

Prize Awards!
The Biggest Loser will receive a $500 cash award PLUS Item #5158.
The First Place Biggest Percentage Loser will receive a $500 cash award PLUS Item #5158.
The Second Place Biggest Percentage Loser will receive a $250 cash award PLUS Item #5156 or #5157.
And look for monthly bonus prize drawings during this Challenge!

How to get started
Step 1: Order your MetaboWize package.
Xooma's official "Challenge Package" not only offers you the opportunity to officially participate in Xooma's 2017 Challenge, it also offers you an incredible value for the money. We encourage you to visit your Xooma website today and purchase the "Complete Weight Loss System," Item #5158. This package gives you all the products you need to participate in Xooma's Challenge. With this package, you'll be able to accelerate your fat loss results in the first 30 days, and achieve even more by the end of 90 days.If you're building a business, this Pack (Item #5158), provides a $50 Cash Back Bonus on your personally-sponsored team members. You also receive 4 FREE $50 Gift Cards that you can share with others to help them get started in Xooma.

Step 2: Send us an email with your information & photo.
When you are ready to begin the Challenge, you will register by emailing us at: losetowin@xooma.com and include 2017 Lose to Win MetaboWize Challenge in your subject line. You will need to email five things: 1) your name, 2) your Xooma ID number, 3) your home address, and 4) 'before' photos of yourself (holding that day's newspaper), and 5) your starting weight. We recommend you take at least two pictures, a close-up of you holding the newspaper (so we can read the date), and a full-length photo of yourself. Side profile and back side photos are also encouraged.

Step 3: Get started.
Kick-off your Lose to Win Challenge anytime between Thursday, December 15, 2016 and Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Your 90 days begin the date you email your information and pictures to Xooma. Remember...the last day to submit your email and entry photos is Tuesday, January 31st. So get committed to getting fit right now, and Xooma will support you every step of the way! Email: losetowin@xooma.com

Looking for more information on Xooma's proven MetaboWize products and valuable tips on how to reach your weight loss goals? Then check out your MetaboWize website. Click Here to get the weight loss information you need to succeed!

Look and feel great this year by joining Xooma's 2017 Lose to Win Challenge. We're confident you're going to love the results you'll experience from this proven weight loss system!